Cotton Rope
Shankar dori udyogis a dependable Exporter & Supplier of Cotton Dori and Ropes from Meerut (India). We offer a wide range Cotton Ropes suchas Cotton twisted rope, cotton braided rope, cotton twine, candle thread , candle twine which are used for various purposes. Our cotton dori can be used in garment Industries, sports industries, textile industries and fashion accessories. However, our cotton ropes are also used in decoration as well as for hanging purposes. We can make available cotton ropes in various sizes and colors as per buyer requirement.
Cotton rope - Cotton rope manufacturers, Cotton rope exporters
Product Name : Cotton Rope/Dori/Cord
Attention : Cotton rope is good for skin (it is not scratching) and hypoallergenic.
Construction : 16 Standard
Colour : Natural Grey
Packing : 10 – 20 Kg Bundle
Cotton rope : produced of cotton Yarin 100%
Cotton Rope 4MM to 20MM braided, without core
Descripection You can use this soft cotton rope effectively and productively according to your demands. Just dial us if you want the premium quality of natural cotton rope in the industry, we will guide you and will provide you excellent service.
Cotton rope - Cotton rope manufacturers, Cotton rope exporters
Product Name : Cotton Rope
Attention : Cotton rope is good for skin (it not scratching) and hypoallergenic.
Construction : 16 Standard
Colour : Grey
Packing : 10 – 20 Kg Bundle
Braided 4MM to 20MM with core
Descripection The fiber of cotton is spun in yarn or threads and then they are further used in textile industries to ultimately get the clothing or ropes. Cotton rope/Dori /Cord Twine has many used besides ropes and textiles. It’s also used in tents, gunpowder, bookbinding, cotton paper, fishnets etc. thus we can say that cotton is one among the important fiber.
These ropes are washable and you can do that in machine also. You can also get many different types of twisted rope and braided rope in addition to the cotton rope from us. Your ropes will reach you on your request and we try to fulfill all the needs of our customers.
Cotton Twisted 3- Strand Rope.
Product Name : Cotton Twisted 3- Strand Rope.
Size available : 1MM to 26MM
Descripection This rope is made from very high quality cotton yarn 100% through giving this rope a creamy white colours. The result is a very soft rope with excellent feel in a 3-strand design.
Cotton Twisted rope is by no means the strongest rope available. If strength is a primary concern, they are much stronger for many purposes. However, this cotton Twisted rope is an excellent product if it suits your application.
Cotton Twine
Product Name : Cotton Twine
Descripection We are one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of all types of Cotton Twines. We make Cotton Twine 2 ply to 24 ply in various count .Herewith we give some specifications of our cotton twines.
Affects of moisture swells the fiber and has the effect of increasing the strength of the cotton twine, however prolonged exposure to moisture increases the chances of microbial attack on the fiber which leads to a decrease in strength.
Polished cotton twine will reduce absorption of moisture
Chemical Resistance Cotton is attacked by hot dilute or cold concentrated acid solutions.
Acid hydrolysis of cellulose produces hydro-celluloses.
Cold weak acids do not affect the cotton.
The fibers show excellent resistance to alkaline
Degradation Cotton is degraded mainly by the hydrolysis effect of acids.
Appreciated For
100% natural cotton
High durability
Anti-abrasive properties
Cost-effective pricing
Suitable For
Weaving nets, belts and sewing twines , Binding Cloth , Textile Mills , Candle

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