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Shankar Dori Udyog is the leading manufacturer of nylon industrial yarn and fish net twine both in India and international market. The synthetic industrial yarns are made of different polymers like nylon, polyester, polypropylene, hdpe, viscose, polypropylene, Cotton etc. Industrial yarn is used in the textile industry for its aesthetic features.

Polypropylene Industrial Yarn

Polypropylene Industrial Yarn
Product Name : Polypropylene Industrial Yarn
Range : Twines from 800 den / 2 ply to 8 ply
  : Polypropylene Industrial YarnFrom 800 den to 1200den
Application : Fishnet
  : Industrial Swing thread
    Cycle Tyre Cord
    Sport good & sport nets
    Shoe Steaching
Polyester Swing Thread
Product Name : Polyester Swing Thread
Range : Twine From 2 ply to 24ply
  : Spun Polyester industrial yarn
Application : Industrial swing thread
    Football Stitching Thread
  : Cricket ball Stitching Thread etc
Industrial Sewing Thread
Product Name : Industrial Sewing Thread
We produce and supply sewing thread
-Polypropylene(PP)multifilament sewing thread:
mainly made of 150D/2, 150D/3 and 300D/2. The threads are for industrial textiles fabrica-tion, such as filter bags, geotextiles, etc.
-Polyester (PE) multifilament sewing thread: 
mainly made of high tenacity 150D/2, 150D/3, 200D/2 and 300D/2 polyester multifilaments natural yarn.
Product Name : P.P.M.F YARN TWISTED / FLAT

We offer a wide range of polypropylene muultifilament yarn (PPMF yarns 0 - dope dyed, used in various industries for different purposes. Our range of multifilament yarns are available in 600 denier to 2500 denier and offer in various colours.

we specialize in manufacturing high quality Polypropylene Multifilament yarn ( Denier Range 600-2000). Today, we are recognized as the successful pp yarn Exporter and manufacturer, catering only the premium Polypropylene Multifilament Yarn.

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