<industrial yarn and swing thread - industrial yarn, swing thread


We are dedicated to meet our customers' requirements and constantly Produsing new products to serve our customers better. The complete personalized services rendered to our clients allow us to provide customized solutions. Our hands on experience in the market give us the capability to understand the peculiarity of various world markets and hence where required, we can modify our ropes and rope other articles to meet customer and country specific requirements of color, coil length and packaging.
Length   We offer various lengths as per customers' requirements .
Long length : We also offer long lengths for specific applications
Weight : By adjusting the linear density of the ropes we can offer varied 
weight per coil to suit customers' requirements
Packing : We offer ropes on
    Cardboard spools
    Plastic Spools
    Wooden Spools
    Pallet packaging is also available.
Colours : Colors are offered as per customers' requiremen

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