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Cotton rope - Cotton rope manufacturers, Cotton rope exporters
DIAMETER : 12 mm TO 18 MM
Length : 65 inch
Colour : Natural Grey
Packing : 10 – 20 Kg Bundle
Cotton rope : produced of cotton Yarin 100%
Cotton Rope 4MM to 20MM braided, without core
Descripection If you are planning to get your dog a leash, then you are in the right place for we have sourced various dog leashes for all types of dogs and even the right leash for the right breed. Check out our collection online and you’ll know why SHANKAR DORI at the top when it comes to dog leashes. And that’s not
all, for we also happen to be one of the largest wholesalers in dog leashes. The thing about purchasing the right leash depends more on the breed itself as larger breeds can exert a lot of muscle power and therefore require stronger dog leashes. So make sure that you know about your pup’s breed before getting the dog leash. A better suggestion would be to ask our vet; you can purchase a simple light weight leash for a brand new pup. But for larger dogs, you would need a powerful leash and one that does not break.
Cotton rope - Cotton rope manufacturers, Cotton rope exporters
Product Name : Dog cotton Twisted Lead
Rope : Cotton 3 strand Twisted rope
Diameter : 10 MM to 16 MM
Length : 65 inch
Color : Natural Grey
Descripection Twisted Cotton Rope Dog Leash is the only dog leash you need for your beloved pet. Enjoy walking with your dog again and do it in style with a large variety of colors and color combinations to choose from. Every dog leash is handmade right here in the United States with the utmost attention given to every detail. Designed with pet owners and pets in mind these leashes are made with the #1 Best Selling Twisted Cotton Rope by Shankardori. The handle and heavy duty brass plated swivel snap are hand spliced and then whipped with matching twine for a polished and stylish look. These are the softest dog leashes you've ever felt and are very soft on your hands while providing you with a strong grip, and also ensures its durability. So whether you're on the sidewalk, in the park, or on the hiking trail, you can guide your dog knowing that you have the most reliable leash available.
Cotton Twisted 3- Strand Rope.
Product Name : Dog Webbing Collar.
Type : Polypropylene Webbing
Wirth:0.75 inch, 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch
Color:Red , Royal Blue , Black , Yellow
Size :adjustable
Descripection The Essentials collar is the ideal everyday accessory for your dog. Available in a range of different sizes, each can also be adjusted to fit your dog perfectly. Made of PP, these collars are lightweight and extremely durable. A snap buckle fastening keeps it secure and it features a metal D ring for leash-to-collar attachment.
Cotton Twine
Product Name : Dog Webbing Leash
Item:Polypropylene Webbing
Color:Red , Blue , Black , Yellow
Length:– 4 ft, 5ft and 6 ft
Wirth:– – 1inch , 1.25 inch , 1.5 inch , 2 inch
Descripection We want your dog to look good and for you to feel safe. We use only heavy duty webbing and secure the handle and hook in multiple places to ensure your dog’s safety. Our leashes come in many size and snap hook options to perfectly match collars. Choose between 4 webbing colors.

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